Packing Tips – Useful Tips To Help Make Packing Easy And Fun For Everyone

When it comes to packing, it is all about organization. You can’t just toss everything into boxes. First,  you need to have the item checklist. Sort out the things you are going to bring with you and the things you want to leave behind or maybe sell. Try to remember if you still have some of your things a friend borrowed. Make sure to label each box with the items sorted out. One box for glassware, one box for books, etc. You will appreciate the word “ organization”  once you are in your new home, looking for your plates and utensils.

How to fill up a box

It would be best to use boxes of the same size. Here are important reminders. Make sure that each box is fully loaded especially at the bottom. Stack them perfectly and don’t be sloppy, especially with fragile items. Make sure that stuff like kitchenware and ceramics are covered with wadded up packing paper or newspaper. Seal the box properly with duct tape and label each box. Use your label maker. Also, make sure that the checklist should be updated. Check out items off the list and update it with stuff you forgot to include. To make things easier, why not make everybody write their own checklist. That way, no one will play the blaming game.



Other Containers – Packing Tips

You don’t have to use all boxes to keep your things. One good tip is leaving all of your clothes inside drawers or closets. You just load up the drawers onto the truck and place it in your new home. Just make sure to secure the closets and drawers inside the moving truck. You can also use duple bags or suitcases. These containers can absorb any impact to keep whatever is inside safe and in one piece. Just make sure to stack your items perfectly. Also try to get rid as many items as you can. For example, toiletries and food. You can buy those in the drug store or convenience store near your new place. Hope these packing tips are useful.

Moving Services

If you want, there are moving companies who will do the work for you. Aside from packing tips, consider tips for choosing between renting a truck for you to transport your stuff or avail of truck rentals which come with a driver. But I think it is a lot safer for you to drive it yourself or someone you trust, drive it for you. If you did avail of a driver, have someone accompany him. There is also the full professional moving service. The moving men will take care of everything including packing, loading, driving and unloading. It is advisable to calculate an estimate of the moving service fee before availing one.



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