Treating Babesia Using Turmeric


If recently you have been diagnosed with Babesia, then you may already know that the available treatments for it are quite expensive and at the same time some of them also come with nasty side effects. For those who don't know what babesia is, this is a tick borne illness that has similar symptoms to malaria (including joint pain, aches and fevers). The good news is that certain compounds in turmeric have been proven to be very effective for treating babesia and below we're going to see how you can use them to treat it.


Consider Using Curcumin Supplements 



Since turmeric is very well known for being amongst the best remedies for babesia, if you don't have access to organic raw curcumin, then it's recommended you'll look for the best curcumin supplement on the market and get it. In fact, by taking these supplements, you'll notice that your condition is soon going to go away, so you won't need to worry about considering any complained procedures or treatments that usually come with side effects. 


Make Your Prescription Medicine More Effective

If you want to greatly enhance the effectiveness of your prescription medicine, you should use white turmeric in your cooking. This herb has been studied by scientists and they discovered that it is very effective against babesia in culture thanks to its special compounds known as zedoalactones. Research also shows that compared to other similar treatments on the market, these are up to thirty times more effective and will therefore help you treat babesia pretty fast. 


Use Curry Powder

If you like curry powder, then you can easily consider adding it to your stew in order to improve your chances of treating babesia fast. Now for the amount of it, you should go by the rule of thumb and add only as much as you can tolerate. 


Ease Joint Pain

When you suffer from babesia, you're also going to experience residual pain and if you want to ease it, then you need to consider drinking a refreshing herbal tonic that is made with turmeric. To make it, you should combine ginger, lemon and white turmeric and then add honey to taste. You can also heat 2 to 3 tbsp of zedoaria at low heat in a saucepan for about five minutes and then add 2 tbsp of honey, a quarter cup of lime juice and then some ice to make a delicious and also healthy drink to treat babesia.